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The server looks up which company is associated with that signup token, sees that there are not currently any admins defined for that company, and then permanently records Alice’s address as the admin for the company.To add a user, Admin Alice goes to her contacts list within the Clear Chat application and clicks Add user. Her client then generates a signup token for Bob, saves a hash of the signup token in her personal contacts list, and sends Bob’s name, Bob’s email address, and the signup token to the server.The server sees that his signup token is associated with Alice’s company and that an address is not yet assigned to the contact.It assigns Bob’s address (which the server generates from the pubkeys).Alice’s client, meanwhile, uploads a new signed complete copy of her contacts which includes Bob’s name and the hash of his signup token.This is distributed down to other users who see Bob show up in their contacts list.Clearly everyone needs to be sure that they are talking to the correct person instead of an attacker.You might notice that the process above is Trust On First Use which means that the clients are all trusting the first address and public keys which come down from the server.

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TL; DR Each message is encrypted then HMAC’d with a randomly generated unique 256 bit key using AES-CTR, hereafter the “AESEphem Key”.

Key authentication is taken care of by an admin at your company; if users trust the admin then they do not need to all verify each other’s keys.

And when we say that we “cannot see” these things, we do not mean that employees are forbidden from seeing these things; we mean that we have specifically engineered the system such that no honest Clear Chat employees, malicious Clear Chat employees, or hackers who hack our server will be able to see the content of your messages or files.

Then, for every participant who must receive the message, the AESEphem Key is encrypted with the participant’s 512 bit secp256k1 elliptic curve public key and that encrypted AESEphem Key is added to the top of the ciphertext as a header.

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The whole thing is signed using ECDSA and SHA256, and then the information is sent to the server and relayed to the receiving clients.

At no point does unencrypted message data pass through or exist on our servers either on disk or in memory.

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