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Peter Ricardo - 1957 Peter Ricardo (1917-2008), I’m told, was a Grenadian who released the album, “HI-FI CALYPSO” in London during the Calypso boom of 1957. (Audio only - in French.) Alys Robi was born Alice Robitaille in Québec City in 1923. She was active during the mid-40's and had a radio show called According to what I have seen on the web, Mary Lo (Greek: Μαίρη Λω) was born Maria Doukaki in Palaio Faliro, a suburb of Athens, in 1932.

He is the only one, aside from Abe Lyman, to have recorded the racy “grass skirt” verse and the “Trinidad dad” verse. She first recorded in 1947 and her music career lasted until 1965.

It presumably matches the version which Morey Amsterdam copyrighted on September 27, 1944, although I am not sure of that. Feist” trial only the first verse and chorus were transcribed.) I have not seen Amsterdam’s actual copyright submission.

The spelling, or misspelling, of the place names is taken from the sheet music as published by Feist in late 1944.

The “official” Prima discography gives the date of this recording as June 1944, but this is clearly inaccurate. Note that this version was the only one which restored Invader’s original lyric, Laurel Campbell - 2010?

This one def wins the prize in the “high altitude” category.

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Weigh in tomorrow and I think I’ll have put on, but hopefully Paul will have lost. I’ll make a confession – we totally forgot to think of a European recipe this week, so this is a little last minute.From a live performance at the Vorst Nationaal, a concert hall in Brussels. Perez Prado and The Jays - 1957 This was the “mambo” version of the song. She was singing the same tune as Lord Invader in more ways than one.In 1957 bandleaders from south of the border (in this case Cuba) were scrambling to add anything with the word “calypso” in it to their play lists. A charming rendition of the song from the Miskito Coast of Nicaragua - with the word “Trinidad” replaced by “Bluefields Town”. I’m guessing that this is from 1945 for the following reason: when the song was at the peak of its popularity, it was not allowed to be played on the radio because of the mention of a commercial product so Decca (I think) came up with an alternate version called It also has watered-down lyrics. It was to be a civilised night, actually, and it certainly started off that way, with champagne in Hotel Indigo.

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Now see here, I’m not a big drinker – I tend to be an all or nothing sort of guy, so if I start drinking, I’m on it until I’m bundled into a taxi / arrested for lewd behaviour / do a Winehouse and choke on my vomit.She was married to songwriter Nicky Yakovlev who wrote many of her songs. The soundtrack is apparently a remix of the Andrews Sisters’ version by the reggae fusion group Tim Tim.

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