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This technique increases the dynamic range in the video signal and virtually eliminates edge artifacts sometimes seen in other Bayer pattern cameras.Phantom Flex accepts a wide range of industry standard lenses.Remember that local IP addresses have to be unique for every device or you may find devices will clash and fail to communicate.You will be able to set a ‘static’ IP address in your camera.Maximum frame rates in HQ mode are about half those in Standard mode, which means that in HQ Mode Flex captures images at speeds up to 1,275 fps at 1920x1080 or 2,640 fps at 1280x720.The Phantom Flex supports multiple workflows: a raw digital workflow, a video workflow, or combination of both for maximum control and flexibility.

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Here at Network Webcams Tech HQ we find that most people run into a snag which prevents them from being able to access their camera over the Internet.In the Firewall section I will look at configuring your router to allow incoming traffic from the Internet and finally in the Wide Area Network section I discuss how you access your camera from another computer on the Internet.