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15-Jan-2019 04:28

She tried for bar jobs, retail jobs, waitressing jobs (all industries she has years of experience in) and the interviews seemed to go well. One day she called me sounding far chirpier than usual, and announced she'd got a job. After her first pay came in, she could afford to visit me in London for the first time in ages.

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challenged whether the ads had been irresponsibly placed, suggesting that they could potentially be seen by children.It therefore ruled that the ad must not appear on the back page of the paper again.

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He is nearly an adult, I would question why he is not dating or attempting to have relationships with girls nearer to his age. It's not "their life" as another poster suggested, at 13 she can't see down the road, her brain isn't even done developing yet... Here is a link to the Canadian Statutory Rape Laws here in Canada.… continue reading »

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