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Another six Pitcairn men facing court in Auckland – they had all moved to Australia or New Zealand – included her other brother, Kay, and her two other sons, Trent (who was later cleared) and Shawn.Olive lamented: "We live as one big family on this island, and nothing will ever be the same...In 2004, the tiny Pacific island of Pitcairn was torn apart when seven men were put on trial for sexually abusing children.In her gripping new book, Kathy Marks, who covered the story for The Independent, describes life in a shattered, shocked – and defiant – community Pitcairn Island, a lump of rock situated roughly halfway between New Zealand and Chile, is probably the world's most remote inhabited spot.At that time, the names of the seven defendants were still suppressed by a court order.However, we were privy to this poorly kept secret; every woman in the room was related to one or more of the men.Some of our responses met with howls of derision; the women did not apparently believe that anyone could have lost their virginity at 18.

That re-evaluation took place after Charlene returned to Pitcairn.Britain, the colonial power, was determined to "close the island down", they said, because it had become a financial burden.What better way to achieve that than to jail the men who were the very backbone of the community?The "victims" were girls who had known exactly what they were doing.

The women explained that underage sex was the norm on Pitcairn."I had it at 12, and I was shit hot too," said Jay's sister Meralda, a woman in her forties. Well, they demanded, at what age did we start having sex?