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After all, the average age was about 20, there were only 5 people over 25 who were active in the ward, and 95% of the members lived at home. Meanwhile, I was stressing about the furnace that just went out.I just felt like my life was on a completely different plane. He told me that he didn't think I would find anyone to date in the ward, but that the ward needed me desperately.And to be completely honest, I was in countdown mode.I could not understand why the Lord wanted me to be in that ward. I would try to talk to people, but conversations quickly turned to them complaining about their parents making them clean their room.

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And though I wish I could say I chose the later, the truth is, its been more of a combination of the two.I truly feel like I have been on a journey as I've adapted to the demands of home ownership and sought to understand why I am in the ward I am.And honestly, some days are still a struggle, in both areas, but the last few months I have reached this amazing feeling of contentment. Especially when we realize just how different it is from complacency.When I started this blog I fully intended to update it regularly with a host of entertaining stories about my dating life. Yes, the majority of those in the group were in their sixties or later, who had been widowed.

I was also invited to join a family home evening group that many of the single sisters in the ward participated in.And I also knew many married couples that struggled to provide adequate housing for their families. I felt assured that He didn't want to withhold blessings just because I was single.

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