Animal sex dating

14-Dec-2018 18:54

It is about the mating rituals of the different animals from flamingos to whales.

In the end there is a slide presentation of all the baby animals.

There is actually a lesbian couple that mate (no furtilized egg) They are mates for life. I learned that in addition to turtles being able to breath out their butt ...... And somethimes the Galapagos turtles mistake large rocks for the female. I Bought a Bull, Now when they have Calves, we will have some Beef I have Witnessed Deer Breeding, and just Natures way of surviving, and Continued Generations of our Resources...

So for all you men out there with blow up dolls - it happens.... But Animals are Different than people, They do their Job and their done till next Heat cycle, if they werent Pregnant...

They Dont just Have Sex for pleasures alone as Humans want some, and get some, so that I was thinking about this, I thought Animals Dont have an*l s*x either that I am aware of???

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Secret sex date

Miami Zoo has a wonderful breeding program and each year on Valentines' Day they present a program called "Sex and the Animal". they all just slot right in around here after they initially try to take over but I have to say, they never get past first base with me as their teacher!! My female dog is in season now and I really want to breed her but my male dog isn't doing the deed too well told me he needs someone to show him how its done ..volunteers I will verbally help!