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Some machine settings can also be changed while a machine is running; those settings will then have a corresponding subcommand with the The following setting defines access to a USB Card Reader by the guest environment.

USB card readers are typically used for accessing data on memory cards such as Compact Flash (CF), Secure Digital (SD) or Multi Media Card (MMC).

The machine must not conflict with one already registered in Virtual Box and it may not have any hard or removable disks attached.

It is advisable to place the definition file in the machines folder before registering it.

Note that the output will be slightly different depending on the host platform; when in doubt, check the output of ] provide a file containing the settings password Commands: list [--long|-l] vms|runningvms|ostypes|hostdvds|hostfloppies| intnets|bridgedifs|hostonlyifs|natnets|dhcpservers| hostinfo|hostcpuids|hddbackends|hdds|dvds|floppies| usbhost|usbfilters|systemproperties|extpacks| groups|webcams|screenshotformats showvminfo ] [--acpi on|off] [--pciattach .0] [--pciattach [email protected]] [--pcidetach .0] [--ioapic on|off] [--hpet on|off] [--triplefaultreset on|off] [--apic on|off] [--x2apic on|off] [--paravirtprovider none|default|legacy|minimal| hyperv|kvm] [--paravirtdebug ... [--hwvirtex on|off] [--nestedpaging on|off] [--largepages on|off] [--vtxvpid on|off] [--vtxux on|off] [--pae on|off] [--longmode on|off] [--cpu-profile "host|Intel 80[86|286|386]"] [--cpuid-portability-level ] [--audio none|null|dsound|oss|alsa|pulse| oss|pulse|coreaudio] [--audiocontroller ac97|hda|sb16] [--audiocodec stac9700|ad1980|stac9221|sb16] [--clipboard disabled|hosttoguest|guesttohost| bidirectional] [--draganddrop disabled|hosttoguest] [--vrde on|off] [--vrdeextpack default| Each time VBox Manage is invoked, only one command can be executed.

However, a command might support several subcommands which then can be invoked in one single call.

As briefly mentioned in Section1.16, “Alternative front-ends”, VBox Manage is the command-line interface to Virtual Box.

With it, you can completely control Virtual Box from the command line of your host operating system.

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It is therefore recommended to first run the import subcommand with the option.Name: Windows XP Guest OS: Other/Unknown UUID: 1bf3464d-57c6-4d49-92a9-a5cc3816b7e7 Config file: /home/username/.config/Virtual Box/Machines/Windows XP/Windows Memory size: 512MB VRAM size: 12MB Number of CPUs: 2 Boot menu mode: message and menu Boot Device (1): DVD Boot Device (2): Hard Disk Boot Device (3): Not Assigned Boot Device (4): Not Assigned ACPI: on IOAPIC: on ...