Chuck liddell dating

21-May-2019 15:34

Also, it showed that Chuck is vulnerable to a good shot. Truthfully man, I think Chuck has a solid chance of winning; I don't think this fight is a lock for either guy.Aside, I was impressed by the way Shamrock took some of Baroni's shots. It all depends on which Wandy shows up though, he looked awful in his last two fights.

Only a great champion can defeat Randy Coulture twice. Liddell only won his last fight with Couture, cuz of an inadvertent eye poke. what there was to dominate, considering that the whole thing lasted , most of that being Chuck on his pedal bike! I just re-watched the second Rampage fight the other day, and the Wandy that fought Hendo this year doesn't even look like the same person.a real punchers power is rooted in the ground and will be felt right thru the ground you stand on...via your hip and 9with punches) channels thru your shoulderactually, its an old martial arts concept for generating energy for and through your strikes... and how, when you learn how to use it instinctively, you can break whatever you make contact with...In order for Chuck to win, he has to play smart, avoid Jackson, and win by desision. kinda fight Jackson like how Sugar Ray fought Duran in their last fight. I wonder if Jackson still have any effects after being KOed by Silva?

Chuck is the current champ, so being aggressive and being offensive isnt necessary. Ever time I think that, I think about when Fernando Vargas fought Felix Trinidad, & Vargas has never been the same.

Chuck cant afford to be too close to this guy, get in a slug fest, or get into any clenching, grappling or ground game.

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