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(Eddie Moore/Albuquerque Journal)One of a kind Rowe won his Fryxell Award “based in his prominent role in developing methods for rock art dating and minimally-destructive dating of fragile organic artifacts,” as well as his scientific analysis, scholarship and student training, according to the SAA website. Rowe and two colleagues at Texas A&M’s Department of Chemistry built the first plasma dating machine in 1990 while exploring ways to extract organic carbon from pictograph samples.“Other people have been successful dating charcoal paintings,” Rowe explained.“But, in the United States at least, most of the paintings are not charcoal.It also works on tiny samples – even a flake of ink or paint – and is considered a more accurate means of dating.“With standard radiocarbon dating, there’s a risk of contamination of carbonates.They have to use acids and, within that process, you lose a large part of your sample and you destroy it,” Blinman explained.Plasmas are used in television displays and in florescent lights, which use electricity to excite gas and create glowing plasma.In Rowe’s non-destructive method, an entire artifact goes into in a vacuum chamber with a plasma.The tooth was found at a site near Coyote Creek north of Mora.

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Using plasma to scrub artifacts Traditional carbon dating estimates age based on content of carbon-14 (C-14), a naturally occurring, radioactive form of carbon, and requires destruction of an object.

Comparisons are also made with the amounts of C-14 expected to have existed in the atmosphere in the past.

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