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Epiphone began in 1873, in Smyrna, Ottoman Empire (now İzmir, Turkey), where Greek founder Anastasios Stathopoulos made his own fiddles and lutes (oud, laouto).

After two years, the company became known as The House Of Stathopoulo.As of January, 2013, Epiphone makes the following guitars: .They used a tube design, and some had reverb and tremolo.Gibson decided to launch a new line of Epiphone amplifiers in 2005 with many different models, including the So Cal, Blues Custom, and the Epiphone Valve Junior.

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The Valve Hot Rod and Valve Senior were released in 2009.Some of these Epiphone instruments were effectively identical to the relevant Gibson versions, perhaps made with same timber, materials and components as the contemporary equivalent Gibson guitars.