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“Girls can suffer from this, and it’s linked to self-worth and how important you feel.” Haymanot says she used to be very shy and lacked confidence. Belay started listening to Yegna after seeing the billboards on the streets of the Ethiopian capital.

She says she had no sense of self-worth: “Everything that Yegna stands for – peace, support, friendship – has changed my outlook on life and made me feel proud to be a girl.” Two years ago, when asked to introduce themselves, these girls couldn’t make eye contact and would whisper their names behind a hand or sleeve. “It’s important to me because I’m Ethiopian,” he says, “and this drama is reflecting our culture.

“My husband died when I was very young, and I had to take on the responsibility of raising my kids and making ends meet,” she says.

“I’m a tough mother, and I’ve been hard on my kids. If she was slightly late going to the shop and back, I would scream at her.

He wants to see others opening their minds to girls’ value and potential.

“A woman is a mother, a sister, a friend – she is many things,” he says.

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A bright, dedicated girl in the ninth grade, she wants to work in a bank after finishing school. She jokes with her and teases her about how she used to get so angry.

“If a girl has some kind of problem, priority should be given to her, rather than the pride or reputation,” he says.