Invalidating space hibernate

17-Mar-2019 15:59

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[Video: How Astronauts Sleep] In their coma-like state, the astronauts would be monitored automatically by the spaceship’s computer, and fed intravenously. Heavy radiation shielding could be provided only to the crew’s sleep capsules instead of the ship’s large living areas, saving a lot of weight and fuel.Unconscious astronauts would not have to remain mentally active in order maintain their sanity on the long voyage.Hibernation is a type of torpor, or reduced metabolism caused by hypothermia.Unlike in cryogenics, the body does not actually freeze.To prevent hibernate from invalidating the second level caches you can add an empty query space synchronization.I'm a software developer since 2002 and founded my company Link Intersystems in 2011.Further scientific research could lead to breakthroughs in this area.

Space trips to the other planets would require months of travel through the vacuum of space. If the crew could be induced to hibernate, the problems of survival become easier to solve.My favorite programming language is Java, but I m also experienced in other languages.I focus on design and architecture of java enterprise applications with spring, hibernate or jee.Therefore it must know which sql statements that are sent to the database require a cache to be invalidated.

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If you let hibernate do all the sql stuff, it knows the statements it generates and therefore the tables that are affected.Astronauts would need some sort of therapy to avoid muscle loss during the trip.