Middle class dating

25-May-2019 01:01

The old "well we bought you this and that, so you owe us" adage comes to mind. I get where you're coming from, it's a pride thing.You didn't raise your kids with silver spoons, and don't agree with "giving" children everything - right?

They are both in their mid-twenties and have had other relationships. He likes her parents, and they think highly of him.Well, it could have happened if they were truck drivers too. They will keep what's theirs and your son will have gotten a great gift.No matter what happens, your son and DIL to be are lucky beyond belief.As long as they always work as a team and find concensus on these issues they will be fine Yellowsnow and Djuna pretty much describe my emotions on this, conflicted! We've always encouraged our kids to work, as well as excel in school, and they've lived up to our expectations.

I realize the girl's parents are offering him a tremendous opportunity.

I would just be happy for him and hope he makes the best of it. He will just have a different set of strings than most of us. My concern would be that your son will eventually feel emasculated by her parents wanton spending spree (which I personally feel is disgusting but that's another topic altogether).