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Participants Students of medicine, nursing, pharmacy, speech and language pathology, occupational therapy, physical therapy, dentistry, dental hygiene and medical laboratory Science were invited to participate.14 participants were interviewed, and 682 participants responded to an online survey; the female:male balance was 3 : 1. In fast einem Dutzend Fälle lehnte Berlin Rüstungsexporte an den Nato-Partner ab. Die 20-jährige Malina Klaar aus München ist nach einer Party in Regensburg verschwunden. Schon seit Monaten reagiert die Bundesregierung im Stillen auf die angespannte Situation in der Türkei. Staatschef François Hollande nahm den Rücktritt des 51-Jährigen an und ...Interview questions were developed by the authors after a review of the literature (see online supplementary appendix 1).Convenience sampling was used for recruitment of interview subjects: participants were contacted through email, inviting voluntary participation in an interview. Interviews lasted 30–45 min, and were designed to elicit information about participants’ current use of social networking software.

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Entscheidung fiel in Ankara Im Streit um Wahlkampfauftritte türkischer Politiker in Deutschland gibt es nach Wochen der Eskalation ein Zeichen der Entspannung von türkischer Seite. Samstagnacht war sie bis 5 Uhr auf einer Party im Kulturzentrum "Alte Mälzerei" und habe danach noch eine WG-Mitbewohnerin angerufen, wie die Polizei berichtet ... Uhr.Design A mixed-methods approach was employed, using semistructured interviews to identify themes which were explored using an online survey.A combination of descriptive statistics and thematic analysis was used for analysis.The software encourages users to share the events of their lives; for individuals training to enter the health professions, such sharing may be in conflict with requirements for confidentiality and professionalism of the profession for which they are training.7 Some have suggested that Facebook will lead to an unacceptable blurring of the professional and the personal, and make it difficult to maintain proper boundaries and professional principles.8 9 Other authors have gone further and suggested that it may be best for healthcare providers not to engage in social networking online,10 or that Facebook use should be monitored or policed in some way.11 12 This study grew out of a discussion within our medical school about our own students’ use of Facebook, based on a number of incidents in which we thought our students could have used Facebook more appropriately.

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This led to a debate about how (or indeed if) we should advise our students about using such social networking software.

We employed a mixed-methods approach, conducting interviews with a small number of healthcare professions students first to identify important themes related to the use of social networking software, and then developing an online survey which was administered to a larger group.