Quickgpsfix not updating

11-Jun-2019 07:02

Anyhow perhaps there is some sort of 24 or 48 hour delay involved. If it doesn't show as a download, then it hasn't happened and has to be reactivated.By the way it had even become confused about day and night so that's another clue. Mine did that and I can't recall where I went in the site menu to click an activate button. In one of the help files attached to the functional blocks on the website I think.I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this variability please?

quickgpsfix not updating-74

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One thing that you could try – is it possible to uninstall the European maps and re-install them prior to needing them again? It cant find anything , some days it's slow to find anything while driving ( am halfway at my destination before it can log in ) but I think it might be other factors like rain , thick clouds ect.

There is still plenty of ram available for it and yet the operation is now much the same in Oz, as it had been in Germany. Apparently its been brooding overnight and has deigned to show six or seven lower level satellites this morning, inside under a metal roof.

Strangely it's overcast today yet it's feeling better.

As far as I am aware all of the one way streets in Melbourne are pretty well marked with big signs indicating not to turn.

If you go the wrong way down a one way street then you have failed to obey the sign not to. Also see: im not sure how to do this(is it updated automatically? because i cant find or see anything about "quick GPSfix and map data"..It can give you a direction, it is up to you to follow it.