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Those caught by their management agency for having a romantic affair are subject to stern discipline or, in the worst case scenario, dropped from the company.However there is an increasing argument among human rights activists that such a ban infringes upon basic human rights of young celebrities.Yet reality runs completely against the assumption.For so many teenage stars in Korea — even those in the 20s — getting a boyfriend or girlfriend is a risky act putting their hard-won fame on the line.Instead most of the time SNSD are being hired to promote department stores, jeans, watches, bags, make-up, perfume, sanitary pads – you name it.After securing their place at the top, SNSD’s image has become less about being the K-pop girls with the catchy dance moves and songs and more about being “the best girl group in Korea.” They show up to movie premieres and fan-signs, make a flawless entrance, say what people want to hear, stick around for a few hours and then leave.It’s true, as some netizens have claimed, that SM could save SNSD with another “Gee” but fans know more than to expect that these days.SM have been coasting on the “SM brand” for a little too long with their biggest girl group, churning out rushed choreography, albums filled with filler tracks and underwhelming stage shows with the hopes that “Girls’ Generation” is enough of a drawcard to keep the fans coming back.

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"Since we're always working, we haven't had opportunities to meet new people.

It's obvious that a competitive edge in looks facilitates one's search for partners.

Given this, it's not excessive to imagine that good-looking or pretty young idol stars may be able to choose whom they want to be with during their free time, and the partner is always changeable.

"That's why we ask them to do everything with great care and we monitor them very closely."Including Girl's Day, SISTAR, Rainbow and 4Minute, there are many other idol stars who admitted to having — either voluntarily or not — avoided making emotional entanglement of a relationship for business reasons.

But it does not essentially mean there is nobody standing up against it.The agencies, on the other hand, insist on its justification, citing the "dating ban" term of contract.