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God knows just what He meant to say, and His understanding of science is infallible, whereas ours is fallible.So we should never think it necessary to modify His Word.Protons and neutrons make up the center (nucleus) of the atom, and electrons form shells around the nucleus.The number of protons in the nucleus of an atom determines the element.The earth has a magnetic field around it which helps protect us from harmful radiation from outer space. The stronger the field is around the earth, the fewer the number of cosmic rays that are able to reach the atmosphere.This would result in a smaller production of The cause for the long term variation of the C-14 level is not known.

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The number of neutrons in the nucleus can vary in any given type of atom.The variation is certainly partially the result of a change in the cosmic ray production rate of radiocarbon.The cosmic-ray flux, and hence the production rate of C-14, is a function not only of the solar activity but also of the magnetic dipole moment of the Earth.4Though complex, this history of the earth’s magnetic field agrees with Barnes’ basic hypothesis, that the field has always freely decayed....There are two main applications for radiometric dating.

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One is for potentially dating fossils (once-living things) using carbon-14 dating, and the other is for dating rocks and the age of the earth using uranium, potassium and other radioactive atoms.

Scientists use a technique called radiometric dating to estimate the ages of rocks, fossils, and the earth.

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