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Manufacture Date, Serial Number Range, Feature Notes.

The IX was a very popular "upscale" tabletop Victrola. Manufacture Date, Serial Number Range, Feature Notes. A total of only 199 electric VE-210's were produced during 19, ranging from S/N 501 to 700, and only one survivor has been reported to date.

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In principle, all phonographs work similarly: a groove on a spinning record causes a needle or stylus to vibrate.

The vibrating needle causes a diaphragm in a reproducer to vibrate, where the vibrations become sound.

Others collect one or more phonographs as vintage decorative items.

Still others are particularly interested in the historical and technological aspects, and attempt to amass a variety of phonographs to represent the progression of the talking machine through different eras and styles. The original Edison patent for the process of recording and playing back sound was issued in 1877, and although a small number of phonographs for exhibition and home use were made during the late 1870s and 1880s, it wasn't until the late 1880s that Edison turned his attention to perfecting the phonograph.

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