Vietnamese dating etiquette

05-Jun-2019 01:08

When I first came to Colombia, I got caught a couple of times with the bill unexpectedly.

So, now when I want to go out with friends, I’m a little more vague about what the plans will be.” COSTA RICA: Separate bills are not a problem, but if everyone is paying with cards, it’s usually split evenly. – Abby Tegnelia EGYPT: People tend to pay for what they’ve had rather than chop the bill equally, but it depends on the group eating.

And if you invite someone for dinner you may intend to pay for the whole thing.

I’d rather just write a passive aggressive article about it.NORWAY: My friend Melissa who studied in Norway for two years says everyone pays for exactly what they ordered.PHILIPPINES: It’s common for younger people to split bills, but older adults may compete for the honour of paying the bill despite protest from the guests (and the guests are expected to protest).MEXICO: When someone invites somebody else to dinner, the inviter usually ends up paying.

NEW ZEALAND: According to a Twitter friend, if dining with a group, usually everyone pays their way rather than just splitting the bill evenly.

Oftentimes, someone with a higher salary will foot a larger portion of the bill, and this is generally accepted by everyone.