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The visualizations made it easy to see how yoga could do likewise.If you watch these animations, or look for similar ones on You Tube, note that the type of FAI that preferentially strikes women is known as “pincer,” alluding to how the hip bones can interact in the same way as the common tool. The New York Times published my findings in the Sunday Review section in early November 2013 under the headline “Women’s Flexibility Is a Liability (in Yoga).” quoted Edwards as warning practitioners to be cautious when doing seated forward bends (like Paschimottanasana), standing forward bends (like Uttanasana) and forward lunges (like Anjaneyasana) — moves that when done forcefully can push the neck of the femur into the socket’s rim.Over time, she said, the damage could develop into agonizing pain, and, in some cases, the need for hip repairs.She sent me her book, public in Elephant Journal, an online yoga magazine.After the book came out in February 2012, yoga insiders wrote to say it was not uncommon for hip troubles to strike leaders of the community and that a number of stars had undisclosed repairs. In late 2012, , a popular yoga teacher in Hawaii, wrote to say that dozens of students she knew – mainly women – were suffering groin pain and hip injuries.Unlike sources who wanted anonymity, she said she was happy to speak out and, in the interest of preventing new injuries, go public with her information. Edwards described how the elasticity of women became a liability when extreme bends resulted in chronic wear and tear on their hips.Mel is an Iyengar teacher and a chemical physicist who worked for decades at Bell Labs when it excelled at innovation.

The titles include: Heal Your Hips, Easy Yoga for Arthritis, and Therapeutic Yoga for the Shoulders and Hips.

I spoke to surgeons in Atlanta, the Mayo Clinic, and the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City, one of the world’s leading centers for orthopedic repair.

, a surgeon there, said yoga postures were well known for throwing hips into extremes of motion and rotation.

In 2008, the Swiss team published of FAI’s etiology, or cause.

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It noted that women between thirty and forty years of age whose activities made “high demands on motion” tended to show the hip damage more often. On You Tube, I found animations (for instance, ) that showed how leg motions could throw the femur’s neck into the socket’s rim.

It said the variations make it hard to predict who was most at risk. Along with denunciations, I received lots of positive feedback, including from yogis who had suffered hip damage and replacements.