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17-Feb-2019 08:51

This is also confirmed by Proudfoot,25 who found that the internet is a key way that teenagers explore their sexuality, whether through offering answers to difficult questions or serving as a place to flirt and try out new sexual identities – something that is particularly important for gay and lesbian youth.The LGBT movement in Indonesia responds properly to the information needs of adolescents.The stigmatisation experienced by this group has influenced the way they use the internet and social networks.

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An organisation that is known as the Indonesian Planned Parenthood Association (IPPA)Given these kinds of initiatives – and despite the restrictions on online content from the state – there is a sense that a positive space for young people to explore their sexuality online is slowly being created.

Last year, the president issued Government Regulation No. An article in the regulations makes it the government's responsibility to provide reproductive health services to young people through the provision of communication technologies and educational information.