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24-Feb-2019 12:49

and Tiny's beautiful daughter Zonnique is growing up on us. also known as Tip Harris, his wife Tiny and his TEENren. They must have been quaking in their boots while they went to war for us. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices.When you mess with "The Kang" of ATL's family, expect an Instagram ass whoopin. And he lit even further into a follower who propositioned his underage (step) daughter Zonnique for sex on the social networking site. But in the world of Instagram and Twitter people will follow you solely to trash talk everything you say and/or do. At the end of the day all they do is make you richer.Everybody(celebrities and regular people) do not have that "anything goes" approach #RESPECTTHAT I have mixed feelings about this: while I do respect T. for demanding respect, he has to realize that people are entitled to their own opinions. IS funny looking now and again, people can say as much (without going overboard with the insults).You can't market yourself to young & immature people, and you can't be a 3-4-time imprisoned rapper and 'demand' respect. and how do we know she doesn't read...i wonder if that was your daughter and some dude said that to her...would you get on your daughter or would you have a few choice words your self..your answer should determine whether your allowed to procreate he's a father speaking up for his...that's whats wrong with ppl now, just total disrespect and no reguards for ppl and their feelings..one thing to be honest and say "im keeping it real" but being rude is another, who cares how she looks now and how she use to look, she's paid and doing something with her life, while others are cute and broke living off of the Gov. Stop putting your business in the streets and then you won't have to worry about people commenting.

That was very formative in Kaos upbringing and Fran is a hero in my mind. American Prospect also chairman and founding editor Harvard Business Review The Atlantic. Whether their boy died twelve days ago or twelve years ago the pain will. and Tiny’s 17 year old daughter got to be an ordinary teenager for a minute when she attended prom. (You may remember that Rocko is also the former fiance and father of Monica’s two sons Romello and Rodney III.) Apparently, there’s absolutely no love lost and Monica considers Malik her son. I know some grown women, myself included, who wouldn’t mind wearing this gown. assistance, some ppl just dont think before they speak no one is perfect half of the ppl who comments on her looks wish they looked how she USE to look, and as far as his daughter..im going to say daughter, it's a simple innocent pic, and instead of getting on her about posting a pic that isnt showing her ass tits or her cat, lets get on the disrespectful SOAB who has no respect for females in general, bcuz a gentlemen would never approach a female like that, a real father would have stood up for his daughter just like he did, and a real man would have stood up for his wife like he did as well, that negative shit is just out of line, homosapiens i tell you. It's amazing to me how adults get wrapped up in twitter beefs (or instagram. Who gives a rat's ass if someone doesn't think your wife is cute? And when teenagers put themselves out there, and try to be sexy, someone is gonna take the bait.

Tell her to read a book instead of showing herself on the internet. Regarding his wife, I think they hit a nerve with the truth, but TI was right to go off about his daughter. I, some black people can be very disrespectful, especially those brought up in the ghetto with low educational background. Russell Wilson Jets Out Of LAX With Stepson Future» Tristan Thompson & Khloe Kardashian Do Late Night Dinner After Cavs Lose J-Rod Sneaks Out Of Yankees Game Together» Meghan Markle Is Allegedly Thinking About Quitting Acting As Romance With Prince Harry Gets Serious» The Weeknd Gets Cutesy With Girlfriend Selena Gomez In His Hometown Mariah Carey & Bryan Tanaka Celebrate St.

People just stating facts, Tiny DID mess her face up. Instead of looking for ways to better your life, u want to F%$k a little girl, Shame on you. & Tiny's Divorce Drama Saved ‘Family Hustle’ For Another Season» Cardi B & Kehlani Talk Body Shaming Soulja Boy Fires Floyd Mayweather, Hires Evander Holyfield» Nicki Minaj Bends It Over On The ‘Gram After Breaking Billboard Record Watching Rihanna Try To Figure Out Instagram Live Will Have You Cackling » Ashanti Serves Up Steamy Lap Dance On A Fan & He Whips Out A Surprise Malaysia Pargo Dines In L. Patrick’s Day Together» Ed Hartwell Is Going For Joint Custody Of His Baby With Keshia Knight Pulliam, And His Ex Lisa Hartwell Is Helping Him» NO JAIL TIME! Fox, Debbie Allen & More Help Celebrate Her Birthday» D. Hughley Responds To Steve Harvey’s Plea To Respect The President, “F*ck Your Respect!

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